Chestnut Hall's Delta Morning Coffee

At Chestnut Hall, coffee is and always has been a constant part of everyday life. In 2013, Janet and Michael Baty decided to take their longtime love of coffee to the next level and have a special roast made for the store. The couple wanted to share something they loved with their customers that reflected the nuanced lifestyle and warm, familiar environment of daily life at Chestnut Hall, and to share the experience they enjoy sitting fireside with good company, tail-wagging companions and a resplendent cup of coffee.  

Delta Morning

The Chestnut Hall staff enjoys Delta Morning coffee brewed fresh in the store every morning.

Michael approached locally owned J.Brooks Coffee Roasters to execute this vision from bean to bag. J. Brooks provided six samples of coffee, which were then narrowed down to three and then one, with Chestnut Hall’s staff voting their favorites after mulling over each, a sample per week. They named the roast Delta Morning, associating a common beloved morning-time ritual and the rich history of our area.  

Delta Morning is a single origin specialty grade Colombian coffee. The 100% Arabica beans are mountain grown in the high altitude of the Huila region in southeastern Colombia. Handpicked bean by bean, thousands of coffee growing families work devotedly from production to quality control, and are represented by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC). Referred to as a "strictly hard bean," this coffee is grown at a minimum altitude of 4500 ft in soil enriched with volcanic ash. These factors create a longer growing season resulting in more flavor complexity, exquisite and harmonious in both taste and aroma. Upon their arrival in Memphis, the beans are manually roasted by J.Brooks in small batches with artisan style to ensure maximum flavor development unwavering in consistency.

Delta Morning is a full-bodied and balanced medium roast. A delightful fusion of warm spices and dried tropical fruit, across notes of caramel and roasted nuts, is delivered in every sip. These flavors, along with subtle lingering hints of milk chocolate, impart a long, smooth and pleasant finish. Keeping in line with J.Brooks’s incomparable attention to detail and quality, whether ground or whole bean, Delta Morning is always roasted, packaged and delivered to order ensuring every bag is fresh and peaked in perfection.