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At The Cabin


At the Cabin is Chestnut Hall’s very own, “store within a store”.  It’s a cabin of course and in it you will find one of the best selections of premium rustic furniture and accessories in the country.  Rustic design is an area of expertise we have honed over the last thirty five years and in doing so; we have garnered a national reputation for handcrafted pieces that have a time-honored authenticity.


We have outfitted cabins and lake houses across the country, as well as deer hunting lodges and duck hunting camps throughout the south.  We rely on Old Hickory Furniture for sapling pieces.  They have been at the forefront of rustic design for over one hundred years and their style works perfectly with our design aesthetic.  We also have many custom pieces manufactured that we design and Old Hickory excels at that endeavor as well.  In addition, we are a full line Hancock and Moore dealer with many samples to sit on or buy right in our showroom.  We prefer hand-burnished leathers, usually from Italy, for our pieces.  The look and feel are rich and the cushions are sumptuous.

We have also developed close relationships with a handful of boutique American manufacturers that also excel at custom work.  These manufacturers hand-craft solid oak, cherry, ash, maple and American walnut into beds, tables, chairs, stools, consoles, nightstands, sideboards and wall units.  Without question, the best products are made by the best manufacturers and these are the best at their craft.  

At The Cabin



Pendleton Woolen Mills is a go-to for us but we have many other options for fabrics that you would expect to find in a full service design shop.  Our design work room contains in excess of 10,000 fabric samples that you can both touch and arrange with other fabrics.  When performance fabrics are needed, we have many options.  We love plaids and of course, our favorite is the classic Buffalo Plaid.  We have a close working relationship with Big House Fabrics which specializes in rustic fabrics.  Like us, they have been a leader in this area of design for over three decades.  

Wood Carvings and Decorative Collectables

We are active buyers of wood carvings and decorative collectables.  Our sources are varied but all pieces in our one-of-a-kind collection are consistent with our time honored style.  We keep a good inventory of original Mason Factory Decoys manufactured from 1899 to 1924.  We also have a number of Tom Boozer decoys in stock for purchase.  We love vintage Coleman Lanterns, antique taxidermy and framed and matted Field & Stream Magazine covers.  Inventory levels of all one-of-a-kind pieces vary but we usually have some of every category in stock.

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The best way to stay abreast of our in-stock inventory is by keeping an eye on our Instagram, @atthecabin.  We maintain an active page with many pictures and stories of our latest arrivals and aquisitions.

At The Cabin


Made in America

Most of what you will find in our At the Cabin shop is either handmade or handcrafted in the United States.  Most are made using the same tools and techniques that have been used since the early part of the twentieth century.

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