• Author: Sally Walker
    Publisher: Style Blueprint

    Style Blueprint shadows Michael Baty, owner of Chestnut Hall and At the Cabin, on his trip to High Point Market for their October furniture market, transcribing the experience from start to finish.

  • Author: Christian Owen
    Publisher: Style Blueprint

    Chestnut Hall interior designers collaborated with Memphis builder Price Hays to create a home that bridges the gap between formal and casual.

  • Author: Stacey Wiedower
    Publisher: Commercial Appeal

    The buzzword for design in 2015 is “personality.” Sure, certain trends are monopolizing headlines this year and vying for a spot in our homes — bold color mixing, gold accents, wallpaper and all things Mid-Century Modern — but for a truly trendy space, the trick is to find that item no one else has.

  • Author: Stacy Wiedower
    Publisher: Commercial Appeal

    Color blocking. Black and white. Neutral walls punctuated by strategic jolts of color. If there's one word that can sum up home décor in 2014, it's contrast.

  • Author: Stacy Wiedower
    Publisher: Commercial Appeal

    In the many hours he's spent in the woods in his lifetime, Michael Baty had never seen an albino squirrel — or an albino animal of any sort.

  • Author: Stacy Wiedower
    Publisher: Commercial Appeal

    When Rita Christian was a little girl, her father was such a proponent of American-made products that she remembers him checking labels on items before he bought them. Her dad was the product of a different era, but the more Christian thinks about it, the more she thinks he had the right idea.

  • Author: Staff
    Publisher: Memphis Business Journal

    Rice has been a fixture in Memphis interior design for more than 30 years. She and her brother, Michael Baty, opened Chestnut Hall in 1989, making her colorful, traditional style available to the Mid-South.

  • Author: Jonathan Devin
    Publisher: Commercial Appeal

    Michael Baty isn't a big-game hunter, but his business keeps Germantown supplied with all the comforts of home -- including the occasional moose head. Chestnut Hall Furniture, which Baty co-owns with his sister, Karen Rice, is among the small number of businesses that managed to turn a recession year into a banner year.

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Karen Rice, President Emeritus
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