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Why do we at Chestnut Hall love furniture that’s “Made in America?” While we feature fine products from around the world, our passion is for those Made in America. Our reasons are boundless and they go beyond patriotism… though that’s part of it. We’re committed to offering our customers American-made products because they are, in most cases, the best-made products in the world. Our “Made in America” furniture items are hand-crafted from the finest materials by artisans with years of experience and tradition behind their craft.

Inside our 11,000-square-foot shop in Germantown, Tennessee, we feature a Made in America section of our showroom that’s filled entirely with U.S.-made case goods and upholstery. Our “Chestnut Hall Flag” tells the customer not only that a piece is American-made, but also where it was made. Says Michael Baty, Chestnut Hall co-owner and general manager, “Fine furniture should have a provenance, and in fact, ours does.”

At Chestnut Hall you’ll find a wide array of American-made furnishings built from solid walnut, cherry, oak and maple with hand-planed tops and hand-rubbed finishes. We have three main reasons for this commitment to American-made products:

  • We feel it’s important to support American businesses and the American economy. Many of our customers want to support our country’s manufacturing industries, keeping jobs here at home and strengthening our economy at the same time. We make that very easy at our store.
  • American-made products are unique in a sea of imported items that are homogenous. If a product or business has survived the shift toward manufacturing furniture overseas, there’s a reason – and it typically comes down to craftsmanship, materials and design. Plus, when a product is hand-crafted and made-to order, customization is possible – meaning customers can often order pieces a little bigger, a little smaller or shaped a little differently than the item on the showroom floor. “That’s a nice benefit to the customer that emanates from this thrust of supporting Made in America products,” Baty says.
  • We believe in the tradition of craftsmanship and its importance in our culture and our history. Adds Baty, “We don’t make things as a society nearly as much as we used to. We’re a service economy. When you lose that ability to make things, you’ve lost part of that American character – the fact that we can do anything. To me that’s the most important reason to support Made in America products.”

    The question isn’t why we support Made in America products at our store, it’s why wouldn’t we? At Chestnut Hall our mission is to provide our customers with quality products that incorporate both value and style, coupled with unparalleled service and attention to detail. Our support of American-made products is, at its heart, mindful of our mission and our desire to please our customers.

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